Roles and Responsibilities 

  • Identify and comprehend conference responsibilities and the respective committees. Prepare and execute the conference's program module and scientific agenda.
  • Locate renowned experts in the research field to participate in the conference, accessing organizational services and benefits.
  • Ensure alignment with the program strategy and themes. Reach out to keynote speakers and the Guest of Honor, securing their commitment to the date and topic.
  • Develop conference presentation details and ensure interactive sessions. Introduce speakers or facilitators during the conference.
  • Identify the foremost keynote speaker in that specific field of expertise.
  • Manage and supervise conference tasks and related activities, with a critical emphasis on meeting established deadlines as per the conference timetable.
  • Collaborate with the Project Manager to oversee and thoroughly assess all forms of publicity, including social media, websites, flyers, notifications, announcements, posters, and more, ensuring complete consistency.
  • Discover noteworthy researchers within the geographical region to participate in the conference, granting them access to the organization's services and advantages.
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