Association For Scientific And Academic Research (ASAR) its South Asia largest professional association registered under Indian Trust Act (1882) meet for research development and promotion in the field of engineering and technology. The organisation welcomes applications and professional cv's to be a part and members in its committees,boardand professional societies . ASAR membership offers access to technical innovations, cutting edge information networking opportunities and exclusive membership benefits. Our members supports ASAR to bring a revolution in research and innovation in field of engineering and technology. Members have left no stones unturned to build a platform for academic achievement and research development of our students. ASAR members are engaged in various research development activities and are playing a pioneer role to review the research papers and to make the technical events and conference successful. Organisation also provides a scope to members to build up a technical and professional network to boost technical advancement and research development in India. Today ASAR receives thousands of application for membership and we welcome the initiatives and supports of professional to be a part in the association with a aspiration to globalize the innovation and research.

ASAR members are playing a active role by being in the organizing committee of its conferences and events. The professionals having ASAR professional membership have extended full support to the organization by being a activist in the organising committees of our international conferences.

ASAR consist of an international advisory board to render best support and guidance to make it an successful and established organisation. The overseas delegates staying out of India have left no stones unturned to boost technical advancement and cutting edge development of science and technology. The ASAR welcomes applications from professionals staying in and out of India to be in and further strengthen the activities of organisation.

ASAR members are in editorial boards of our peer reviewed journals, proceedings and transactions. The editorial boards consist of leading professionals who divert their valuable time to analysis, edit and review the research papers received by the organisation. Members with their interest are sent the research papers for their peer review and publication. The editorial board members have given their excellent job to make ASAR a leading technical and professional publisher in world.

ASAR with student membership provides an opportunity to students to act as a volunteers in the events, workshops and conferences with an intension to make them prominent and active participant in a world class and global technical events.